Fleet Management

Improving Driver Safety, Save Energy, and Increase Overall Fleet Efficiency

Fleet, port and warehouse management are the key activities in logistics. To address these three areas, NEXCOM offers three series of vehicle computing and display solutions—the Vehicle Telematics Computer (VTC) series, the Vehicle Mount Display (VMD) series, and the Vehicle Mount Computer (VMC) series—each with a customer-driven design to ensure needs are met. For example, the VMC series implements GPS, RFID and wireless functions to allow precise tracking and control of forklifts. Operators can take advantage of this accurate location tracking to calculate which route can transport goods in less time, which can also result in less fuel consumption. Additionally, the RFID function can assist operators in the administration of inventory, improving accuracy and accelerating workflow.

Fleet Management - Improving Driver Safety, Save Energy, and Increase Overall Fleet Efficiency

Key Requirements

  • Power and cost-effective
  • Real-time vehicle status monitoring
  • Plan routes more correctly and in time
  • Precise and real-time location of the vehicle
  • Rich I/O interface to connect with a variety of sensors
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Provide more accurate and effective inventory management to maximize warehouse space
  • Uninterrupted power supply for stable system operation
  • 360-degree situational awareness to enhance driving safety
  • Roaming charges on international journeys

NEXCOM's Solutions

  • Powered by Intel® processors for fast and strenuous work
  • VGA and HDMI dual display support
  • GPS and WLAN/WWAN module support for tracking and communication
  • Built-in communication ports such as USB/ COM/GPIO/CAN bus/mini-PCIe to connect peripherals and acquire vehicle data
  • Rugged design and IP65 protection for reliable operation in extreme and outdoor environments
  • Window or Linux support for proprietary software applications
  • Alternative power source with an optional backup battery to ensure uninterrupted data storage and transmission regardless of unstable vehicle power
  • Powerful CVBS design for blind-spot monitoring and collision avoidance
  • Better signal and no roaming charges on international journeys with multi-SIM and carrier switch
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